The Head of FIDE Congratulates Chess Players of the Earth with International Сhess Day

Dear friends! I would like to congratulate you all on International Chess Day!
The International Chess Federation (FIDE) was established in Paris on July 20th 1924, during the VIII Summer Olympics Games.  Worldwide Chess Celebration Day was officially declared in 1966.
According to statistics, there are 600 million chess players out of a world population of seven billion and I have made a decision to increase the number of players to one billion in the next 5 to 6 years. «One Billion Clever People» is our main slogan.

Why, you ask? Because wars, conflicts, financial and political crises are not due to the shortage of money, gold, oil or gas. The main reason being: some world states or political systems are often controlled by shortsighted people who accidentally became politicians.
If we increase the number of chess players to one billion, the critical world mass of smart people will proliferate and increase the likelihood that only the smart ones will be elected to parliaments, become mayors, presidents or kings. Only in this way, I am sure, the number of incorrect decisions will be reduced, and that life on our planet will be better and safer.
In conclusion, I would like to quote: «Chess is a noble game. Noble because of its extraordinary, philosophical harmony. The depth of chess is open only to the initiated and the deeper you comprehend, the wider horizons open before you. Same as philosophy, mathematics or poetry. A wise man said that Shakespearean drama was not written by man: it is the same creation of nature as air, water or sun. Similarly, chess was not invented by anybody: it is governed by the same laws that rule the sunrise and sunset, the oak growing and nightingale song.» From the newspaper, «Russian Word», 1904.
I wish all chess players and chess lovers success, brilliant victories and high sport achievements.
Gens una sumus!

The President of the International Chess Federation
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov