Who is afraid of FIDE President?

On August 25, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was not allowed on the flight of the American Delta Airlines on route from Moscow to New York.

"Just before boarding the plane, a member of the airline staff told me that I was denied entry into the United States, and the airline would refund me the money for the ticket," said Ilyumzhinov. "I was going to personally convey my answer to the US Treasury claim accusing me of having links with the Syrian leadership," he stressed.

"Apparently, US officials simply avoid fair proceedings in the circumstances," concluded the head of FIDE.
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said that the reluctance of the US authorities to let him enter the country would do him a favour in a lawsuit with the US Treasury.
"This is related to accusation of the US Treasury of my connection with Bashar al-Assad," said Ilyumzhinov. "Two months ago, they (the US Treasury) sent me documents on 40 pages. My lawyers have studied them carefully, prepared an answer, and, therefore, I personally was going to fly to the United States to converse with the US Treasury."
"As I understand it, they are not eager to talk to me. They asked me if, possibly, I might send my reply by e-mail. However, I wanted to be there in person; thus, I sent them a copy of visa, which is valid until 2018; and especially did not plan to fly with the Russian Aeroflot but with the American Delta. A ticket was bought yesterday, but today the manager of Delta appeared in front of me and said that I could not fly."
"It is strange to say the least. They were looking for and chasing Bout in slippers all around the world. However, when the client himself flies to them, they did not want to see him. Nevertheless, my American lawyers are happy; everything goes in my favour. At one time I suggested undergoing a polygraph test, but they refused, and now we face this set of circumstances," concluded the President of FIDE.
The US Treasury has refused to give any comments on this matter.