FIDE President congratulates the residents of Ulan-Ude on anniversary

Dear citizens of the Republic of Buryatia! Please accept my most sincere congratulations on the anniversary of your capital.

Kalmyk and Buryat peoples are closely ties by the warm and friendly relations. We are united by common traditions, a love of chess, the Buddhist faith and the fact that the capitals of our republics - Elista and Ulan Ude are sister cities since 2010.

Recently two new streets of Elista were named in your honour – Ulan Ude and Buryatia. This wonderful initiative was also supported in Buryatia: soon the streets named after Elista and Kalmykia will appear in Ulan-Ude. It is noteworthy that the birthdays of our two cities are celebrated in September.
The last time I visited your hospitable land in 2013 at the invitation of Hambo Lama Ayusheev of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia. I can say with full confidence that you live in one of the most beautiful cities in Siberia with a rich history and strong traditions.
The capital of Buryatia has managed to preserve and enhance the glory of their great ancestors for 350 years. It is not by mere chance that Ulan-Ude has a unique historical and cultural heritage and is included into the list of historical cities of Russia in 1990.
We heartily congratulate you on the jubilee! I wish all the residents of Ulan Ude good health, happiness and well-being and the city - prosperity and peace!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov,
President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE)