FIDE President Congratulates the Dalai Lama XIV on his 80th Birthday

Your Holiness!
I heartily congratulate you on your birthday! For me, as with all Buddhists from around the world, it is a great honour to be amongst the followers of a spiritual leader like you.
Defending the highest moral values, you have become the best example for all humanity. We know that you not only pray for world peace, but also work tirelessly to ensure that the ideals of kindness, harmony and justice were available to all.

I know that on this day, not only Buddhists, but also representatives of other religions sincerely pray for your health, longevity and success in your noble endeavours.
Your very presence in our life renders happiness and inspiration for millions of people around the world!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov,
President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE)
July 6, 2015