Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: If someone has nothing but money, he has nothing but problems

A new issue of the Russian Pioneer magazine has been published. The last one this year. As I said, I have been writing columns for this publication for several years. I like the process of trying to remember what you seem to have forgotten long ago.

Here is what the editor-in-chief of the magazine Andrei Kolesnikov writes about the new issue of the periodical: “This issue about money we did together with Sberbank. What else but the main bank? There are no illusions here. It was interesting for me. The columns of the leading analysts and top managers of Sberbank convinced me that I did and am doing everything right. This concerns not only money, but also life as such. This is proven by many other articles of the issue. And most importantly, I think so too."
“Soon there will be no money. Yes. At least in the form of cash. Sberbank experts write about this very convincingly in the issue. They operate numbers and facts, so it is useless to argue. Cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and maybe likes on social networks - this is the not-so-distant future of money. And cash will end up in the same place as photographic films, CDs, paper books and other tangible matter. In the best case, in museums.

Well, okay, we agreed with the specialists of Sberbank. But at least for the last time, show us the inside of this outgoing world of beautiful cash! Take us to the rouble vaults of the Motherland! Arrange an open day for our readers - to the place where the daily rouble exchange rate flows from tightly battened storage facilities to cash-in-transit armoured cars, and then at last to our wallets. Let's follow this course. Let's admire the aesthetics. Let's remember how it was in its tangible, rough hypostasis. Let's say goodbye to what it was and meet it renew, digitized, invisible...".

Here is an excerpt from one of the articles: “Andrey Kurpatov, the scientific director of the Sberbank Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behaviour, believes that money is what can change us. The question is how. And, unfortunately, this is only verified experimentally. And, of course, it’s preferably that we change only for the better along with money."