Ilyumzhinov advocates the inclusion of chessboxing in the Olympic Games

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told to the radio station ‘Sport FM’ that he favoured the inclusion of chessboxing in the Olympic Games programme.

"Brains are the muscle that can also be strained and chess can decorate the Winter Olympic Games. There is a hope. The chess players are ready to unite with boxers and lobby the chessboxing for inclusion in the Olympic Games programme," said the President of FIDE.

Recall that chessboxing is a hybrid sport - a combination of chess and boxing in alternating rounds. The fight consists of 11 rounds. The victory is attained by knockout, technical knockout, checkmate, resigning of an opponent or owing to inactivity due to overextended playing time.
If the chess game ends in a draw and neither of the chessboxers wins in regulation time, the fighter who is ahead on boxing points wins the chessboxing bout. If the boxing match also ends in a draw, the winner is the one who played with black pieces.