Expert: "Ilyumzhinov promotes chess as a scientific discipline"

According to FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, chess can be introduced as a compulsory subject in all Moscow schools. Having read this news, I envy the current students with the purest and I would even say untainted envy.

If chess would be really introduced into the school curricula, the number of those who do not know how to play it would greatly decrease. And it would completely disappear in 10-11 years. Life will prevail: if chess is in demand at school, it would be there.

Of course, there would be those, who would try to skip such unusual lesson, just like any other class. But I think that some general knowledge of chess, its history and evolution will be useful for young people, who prefer activities that are far from chess in our interactive life.
I would even go further. Imagine the audience, in which students, instead of learning the basics of boring subjects, play chess that develops memory, thinking and intelligence? They will easily master the basics of mathematics, logic, philosophy and etcetera.
This idea has a lot of supporters in the Department of Education of Moscow. 220 schools applied for integration the programme ‘Chess in Schools’ into the curriculum. Starting from early November, teachers will attend refresher courses. The Department will purchase all the necessary equipment as well as the training and methodical kits.
Incidentally, the chess lessons have already been introduced in 250 schools in Moscow as an additional physical training class. Ilyumzhinov is optimistic about that. He believes that those children, who play chess, become more attentive and the skills gained by the game would be automatically implemented into everyday life. And, as we know, chess is a real science with its theory, tactics and strategy.

Mansur Magomadov,
‘Evening Moscow’