The head of FIDE: "Donald Trump broke the rules of insane policy of recent years"

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, shared his thoughts on the inauguration of Donald Trump as the US President.

"This is good news not only for the American people but for the whole world, because America is the superpower with nuclear weapons and one of the richest countries. Trump is a businessman, a pragmatist, who broke the rules of insane policy, which was practiced over the past years," said the president of FIDE.

"Let us remember the wars in North Africa, the Middle East, intervention in the internal affairs of other countries and in the activities of sports organizations. It is worth mentioning the numerous scandals involving the International Olympic Committee and the International Football Federation, including those connected with doping," noted Ilyumzhinov.
"The Trump’s attitude towards the future is defined by the need of resolving the home issues: to build roads, airports and maintain infrastructure. Of course, it's great news that such a man became the head of the country. Hopefully, with the help of Trump the programme "Chess in Schools" will work actively in the United States. I offered it to Barack Obama but received no response," concluded the head of FIDE.