Igor Stamat: "I want to be the same as Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov"

Seven-year old Igor Stamat, who became the winner of the chess and checkers tournament in the ‘under-8’ age group on January 21, shared his impressions about the game of chess played with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Recall that last Saturday, the head of FIDE, at the invitation of President of Moldova Igor Dodon, visited the chess tournament among juniors in Comrat, where he played a 15-minute game with a young chess player from the Gagauz capital. Igor enthusiastically told in a TV interview about how it happened.

"I played with the President of the World Chess Federation. I had to fight hard because when you play against a grandmaster you have to use all your intelligence. Mr. Kirsan played very quickly. You have to think fast especially when the chess clock is used, because time is running out and a flag is about to fall. As a result, we had a draw," Stamat said.
The fight with the head of FIDE inspired Igor to reach new heights of sports. "I want to be the same as Kirsan Nikolaevich and take part in world-class championships when I grow up," said a novice fan of the ancient game.
Incidentally, Ilyumzhinov has made a number of valuable gifts to local chess players. Another good news is his promise to send talented players of the Gagauz autonomy to the international and European championships under the quota of the FIDE President.