Alexander Konov: "It was easy and enjoyable to communicate with Ilyumzhinov "

As we already reported, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov gave an exclusive interview to the regional branch of All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company during his working visit to the Tula region.

He spoke with the well-known reporter Alexandr Konov about the ways to replace the children’s addiction to computers with love for chess, the prospects for participation of chess players in Olympics, the match for the title of world champion and commented on a few other pressing issues.

On February 22, a day after interviewing the head of FIDE, the TV presenter left this comment in one of the social networks:

"It was easy and enjoyable to communicate with Ilyumzhinov! And the main thing, it was fun! The interview was aired on "Russia 24" channel today and some kinds of repetitions will be shown on Saturday and Sunday on "Russia 1". After that I'll post here the most complete version."
As soon as the full video of the interview will appear in the public domain, we will immediately post it on our website.