Avetis Avetisyan: "The FIDE President’s project is supported in Plavsk"

Ilyumzhinov’ project – "Chess in Schools" is supported in Plavsk (Tula region).

"There is a positive experience of teaching chess in nine regions of the Russian Federation. If we replace, for example, every third lesson of physical education by chess that would give children with disabilities an opportunity to develop themselves," said the head of chess club of the Children's Art House Avetis Avetisyan.

"Of course, this is also important for general and especially intellectual development of all the other children: who will refuse to learn to think logically and quickly, to calculate the prospects of moves and become a more advanced and educated person? I should mention that they like chess in Plavsk as well as throughout the region. And we have chess teachers in schools. Thus, we support the project of the President of FIDE", concluded Avetisyan.