Head of FIDE: "We need to educate ‘intelligent billion’ instead of the ‘golden’ one on the Earth"

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov set himself the grandiose task: to teach one billion people to play chess until 2020.

"In contrast to Western liberal economic theory, I came to the conclusion: why do we need a ‘golden billion’? We need to educate the ‘smart billion’ of people, whose formula in life is like in chess: first think then make a move. Likewise, in politics: first think about it and then put a signature on it," FIDE president said on the air to Tsargrad TV Channel.

"All our problems are not due to the lack of resources but because there are few intellectual and practical people in politics. Many representatives of the ‘smart billion’ will become leaders of all levels. Hence, the number of correct decisions will increase," Ilyumzhinov stressed.