On the events in Myanmar

I read with sorrow about the tragic events in Myanmar. I have visited this beautiful country and warmly communicated with its citizens many times. I cannot comprehend how representatives of the two world religions, who preach tolerance for people of a different religion, can enter into a conflict accompanied by human sacrifices.

Aggression is unacceptable in Buddhism. Incidentally, the spiritual leader of Buddhists the 14th Dalai Lama has already demanded that the Myanmar authorities shall stop the persecution of the Rohingya people.

He also called on Nobel Peace Prize winner and the State Counsellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs An San Suu Kyi to support the oppressed Muslims.
Fortunately, Muslims and Buddhists have been living in peace and harmony without any mutual resentment in Russia for centuries. I think this extremely useful experience should be spread by our country across other parts of the world. Nobility and generosity is the right of the strong and not a privilege for the elect.
In my opinion, it is necessary to create an expert group to study the situation in Myanmar in order to develop a solution to reduce tensions. Only the joint efforts of the international community -- with Russia's leading participation -- are able to end the protracted conflict, which is unbeneficial for either party.
Violence, which grows like a snow avalanche, is the main enemy of mankind. And we all, together, must resist global threats despite the religious, racial and national identity.

FIDE President
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov