Nikita Kim: "Ilyumzhinov is the world leader of the Chess in Schools programme

First vice-president of the Moscow Chess Federation Nikita Kim talked about the introduction of the Chess in Schools programme in Russia.

"It is important for children not only to study but also to apply knowledge, that is, to play chess. Currently, we are developing a system of tournaments together with the Ministry of Education and departments, so that children of any skill level in chess would be able to realize their abilities. We are working on an electronic platform that would unite children of the whole of Russia," he explained.

According to him, chess in is already taught in 250 Moscow schools. "The goal of the project is to instill necessary qualities and skills in children and to make them more competitive in a future life. The first skill taught by chess is to think first and then do it, "Kim noted.
"A methodical kit, which includes a textbook for elementary school (1st-4th grade), a workbook and a manual for teachers have been developed and tested in cooperation with Prosveshchenie publishing house. We realized that only those who understand children should teach chess, and it is more important than understanding in chess. Therefore, we work with primary school teachers of mathematics and physical education, who undergo a retraining programme that takes from 16 to 32 hours", the chess functionary said.
"The ideologist of this world project is Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who initiated this idea, promotes it and meets with leaders of countries and governors. He talked with Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva, told her about the project and introduced the textbooks. Until now it was a programme supported by enthusiasts and a powerful leader -- Ilyumzhinov. Now, thanks to the support of Olga Yuryevna, this project will reach a new level," the vice-president of Moscow Chess Federation summarized.