The "Kirsan" brand achieves the world class level

We must pay tribute to the first president of Kalmykia: he managed to promote the "Kirsan" brand", linking his name and the republic together, which allowed him to confidently become one of the most mentioned people in Russia and in the world.

Many people believed that there could not be Kalmykia without Kirsan. When a young energetic businessman got the hands on the region, he knew what to do with it. Thanks to him, the republic became well-known.

Ilyumzhinov immediately began to look for media support corresponding to his grandiose ambitions: the loud announcement of his appearance on the political stage. Ostap Bender, whose monument the new Kalmyk leader erected in Elista later, would never even dreamt about that.
It was November 1995. Ilyumzhinov somehow managed to lead one of the five largest international organizations -- FIDE. The 1998 World Chess Olympiad was held in Elista. Representatives of more than 130 countries came to Kalmykia. Was it not an opportunity for a great PR?
In the same year, "Uralan" joined the elite of Russian football teams, and even the most remote regions of Russia learned about the existence of Kalmykia. Popularity of the young politician was ensured. The "Kirsan" brand has achieved the world class level.

ARD News Agency