Schoolchildren to play chess and study the Constitution in the form of a quest

We remember that in October this year the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva stated that chess classes will be mandatory in the primary classes in the next two years.

Head of the ministry linked this innovation with the need to improve the quality of education. According to the Minister, this programme will be built in such a way that any teacher, regardless of age, will be able to teach children to play chess on the basis of methodical recommendations.

At the same time, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told reporters that he liked the idea of ​​introducing mandatory chess lessons. Ilyumzhinov also noted that when he was head of Kalmykia, chess lessons were introduced in the schools of the Republic. As a result, students’ academic performance was increased by 40 percent. According to FIDE President, the children have become more interested in learning; they started taking part in Olympiads and win prizes. Ilyumzhinov added that chess can help children develop not only logic but also creativity and imagination because both hemispheres of the brain work during the game. "When we introduce chess lessons in schools, our task is not to grow champions but to make sure that children learn better in other subjects," FIDE President said.
Moscow State University’s Dean of the Higher State Audit School Sergei Shakhrai recently proposed to teach Russian schoolchildren the fundamentals of the Constitution in the form of games, for example, in the form of a quest. Therefore, according to the Dean, it will be easier for schoolchildren to learn new material.
The author of the initiative noted that to date, judging by the school’s graduates who enter the faculty, current curriculum and tutorials are very weak. Shakhrai is positive that students shall be taught in the form of games. He offered to organize a quest to learn the basics of the Constitution.
The Dean of the Higher State Audit School added that he is ready to apply to the Ministry of Education and Science with this proposal.