Russian chess fans support Ilyumzhinov

FIDE president continues to receive letters from different places of our vast country. People express their support to FIDE head. The other day, a letter came from the public of the Karamzin House of Art that is located in the Garage village of the Tver region. The letter says:
"I am 83 years old. I am a fan of chess and have been playing it in amateur status for more than 60 years while studying, serving in the army and living in the countryside. Thus, I have the right to judge the influence of sports officials on the accessibility of chess as a sport and possibility to simply play it anywhere.

The arrival of Ilyumzhinov to the leadership of FIDE has dramatically changed the situation with the accessibility of chess to broad layers of the population.
Last summer, we organized children's chess club named after E. Vasyukov in our village. This year, we will continue this work. The public of the Karamzin House of Creativity supports the candidacy of Ilyumzhinov as FIDE President."
The letter was signed by director of the Karamzin House of Art, the master of sports Victor Shayter.