Sergey Karyakin: "Ilyumzhinov was double-crossed by his deputy"

Participant of a match for the title of the World Chess Champion, FIDE Cup winner Sergey Karyakin in an interview with Govorit Moskva said that the cause of Ilyumzhinov's disgrace was his personal contradictions with the vice-president of the federation Georgios Makropoulos.

"I wasn’t surprised by what’s happened. There are several reasons including the US sanctions against him and the freezing of FIDE accounts by Swiss banks.

But the biggest problem was that he trusted his deputy, the vice-president of FIDE Makropoulos. He gave him his authority, but then they drifted apart. Makropoulos took advantage of the situation, and the situation got ugly.
I do regret it. Ilyumzhinov did a lot for chess all over the world. Makropoulos does not have the necessary connections and contacts with sponsors. I'm afraid that chess world can plunge into some kind of chaos with him as a president, "Karyakin said.
In an interview with Govorit Moskva radio station Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said that he was going to appeal the Ethics Commission’s decision in court. He is convinced that he can win this case.