Ilyumzhinov about the match for the title of the World Chess Champion: “One can fall asleep”

The sixth president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov shared his opinion about the match for the world chess crown between the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and the American Fabiano Caruana, the first ten games of which were tied.

“Tomorrow is 23 years anniversary of the day since I headed FIDE. During this time, we repeatedly held matches for the world chess crown and fought against “grandmaster draws”, when the game ended peacefully on the fifth or sixth move. After all, they are masters and play not only for themselves but also for millions of viewers. And when I opened such matches, I told chess players that it was like a two-man theatre. People need bread and circuses, sacrifices, sparkling moves, which Mikhail Tal - the king of fast games - showed in his time.

Of course, we can observe the fighting draws in London, but I would like to see more manoeuvring. It's a pity. One can fall asleep. However, no one wants to risk it. Carlsen is a chess prodigy; he grew up before my eyes. Incidentally, he was my nominee in 2005 and played out of line at the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, like Sergey Karyakin a year before in Tripoli. It so happened that two of my nominees years later came together in a duel for the world chess crown. That’s how we saw a very interesting match two years ago. Besides, Caruana is a human engine. His life circles around chess, 24 hours a day. He has iron nerves. And I would not be surprised if, in the end, Caruana would win this match and become world champion.”
Recall that the match in London consists of 12 games with classic time control. After every two batches, a day off is scheduled. In the case of a draw by the results of 12 games, a tie-break will be played and participants will play games with shorter time control, blitz and “Armageddon” - a mini-duel when whites have five minutes against four that have the opponent, but they must win.