Aysa Pyurveeva (happy_Aysa): “About my chess game with FIDE Sixth President”

The first of September. I was 7 years old, we were presented with grey T-shirts with the image of the young President. Every child knew his name. There was not a single house in Kalmykia where they would not discuss the youngest head of a Russian region.

I got on the plane and childhood memories floated one after the other. Here is a boy riding a bike and wearing the famous grey T-shirt.

The plane has landed. I walk and think about our meeting. Playing chess with the sixth FIDE President! But my goal is not even a game, the goal is to get answers to questions that have been haunting me for many years.

Even some 2 weeks ago, I wanted to leave Instagram. I achieved quite good results, but I got tired of it overnight. I was in doubt: should I quit my blog or not?

And suddenly I, as in my childhood, wanted to play a game of chess. I found chess circle in the “Schoolchildren’s House” and joined it without hesitation. I thought If I win, I’ll continue to blog.

Two hours passed unnoticed and I won three times out of three. So, it’s not destiny to abandon my baby, but I had another idea. "I will create a poll: subscribers will choose my next chess opponent and I will throw the challenge."

Deep down I knew that everyone would choose Kirsan Nikolayevich. Maybe it sounded bold at that moment, and maybe naive, but I decided to challenge Him! The Sixth FIDE President. “But who are you to challenge HIM?” I asked myself. However, first and foremost it was a challenge to myself: I needed this match to keep believing that dreams come true and the New Year miracles exist.

The challenge is thrown and there is no way back. Haters are not appeased, they are glad that my challenge has not been answered for two days.

Waking up in the morning on the third day, I did the usual things: I made breakfast for the whole family before they go to school and work.

After that I was cleaning, cooking dinner, washing, ironing and meanwhile I needed to write stories: you're a blogger and that’s what you do. By that time I did not expect anything, the haters were right, but my intuition ordered me not to give up just like that! Aries do not give up. Only victory matters.

At three o'clock my phone went off crazy, it rang without stopping. I grabbed my smartphone, and I could not believe what I read! "Kirsan answered you!" All messages were same.

Immediately I went to download Instagram! It's true! I was thrilled! Victory!   For several days I was out of my mind with happiness.

Moscow met me with snow and unusually good, really winter weather. I walk through the city at night; raise my head to a luminous lantern, and the snow falls quietly on my face. I smile like a child.

Two days later. I went to FIDE office and I wrote down the questions. Everyone was joking around and talking about everything: Instagram, business, youth, who works where. Excitement was in the air. Trying to smile and joke, I could not believe that that day had come. And here comes a man in a black jacket and burgundy tie. He welcomes us. He came sharp in time as a real business person would. Punctuality is the key to success. He immediately gets down to business.

He suggests that we choose the room with a good lighting. As a result, the choice fell on Kirsan Nikolayevich’s office. There are photos on the walls. "This is our temple, we built it in a year..." he begins to tell Irene (she is a Moscow blogger).

The president’s story is an ice-breaker. Irene listens to him eagerly, because the interlocutor tells something very interesting: “It is I and Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. His Holiness then handed over his monastic robes to our Khurul. In return, I brought him a new..." That’s when I nearly completely stopped worrying. Kirsan Nikolaevich tried to relieve this tension by helping us.

I look at Irene, she is fascinated by everything. She wants to introduce chess in her children's school, because this game develops logical thinking and many other positive qualities.

I knew that I would not win; my skills of 20 years ago are no longer enough for victory. I would agree to any outcome. The main thing is to get answers to the questions that have long been sitting in my head. I am like a little girl with too many questions.

We sit down at the table, the assistant brings a chessboard. After a couple of minutes, all the pieces are in their places. Kirsan Nikolayevich looks at me and I admit guiltily: “You, probably, have already understood that I will lose?”

And the sixth President of FIDE said: “you just don’t move a pawn backwards”. I laughed and it eased the tension. Of course, he understood that all I wanted was an interview and that the game was almost an excuse.

Initially, our match was supposed to last not more than an hour. But we were so keen on continuing our dialogue that we didn’t notice how two hours and twenty minutes passed and then another forty minutes for tea and presenting gifts. I will try to publish the interview as soon as possible; this story is about my impression of our meeting.

Before leaving, I received tons of letters asking for help, which I had to convey to my opponent at the meeting, but to be honest, I could not do it. I couldn’t make myself say that I had come to ask for something.

My impression was that he turned out to be sincere and genuine, without pretence and games to the public. I saw a kind person. The very fact of scheduling our meeting says a lot. After all, his schedule is painted by the minute. I really wanted to continue our conversation, but even though no one drove us out, our time expired. There was already a line in the corridor to get an appointment with this wonderful person. I have got detailed answers to all questions. And I also got the belief that the impossible is possible if you really want it.

Thank you, Kirsan Nikolayevich, for a thought-provoking exercise and making me see some things in a new way!