Mair Mamedov: "Ilyumzhinov has combined chess classics and novelty"

Recently the director of the World Cup-2015 and the World chess Olympic Games-2016 in Baku Mair Mamedov told journalists about the World Cup on chess which is taking place in the capital of Azerbaijan.
Responding to a question as it relates to the knockout system, Mr. Mamedov answered:
- In the XX century laid the established traditions identifying the title of world champion in the classic version. And many elite players called for the continuation of this tradition, which is not positive about the rest of the chess community, hungry for change.

That is why he felt this trend in the late twentieth century, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has laid the foundation to identify the title of world champion in the knockout tournament.
But now, I think, it was very good product, the perfect symbiosis between two systems: the classic and the new trends that have been applied to the election of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, FIDE President.
That is, the candidates tournament reveals the only chess player, who will play the world title with the reigning world champion, who, in turn, formed of eight members in different tournaments and in different versions.
In particular, the World Cup offers a chance to many chess players, who in the old days could not have dreamed of participating in the world championship. A typical example - Dmitry Andreykin. A few years ago he played in the Russian Premier League Championship (second in power after the Super Final Championship of the country), and before he could not even a theoretical chance to get to the candidates.
But he reached the final of the World Cup two years ago and got to the applicants, where he made a very worthy. And now any of the 128 participants have a chance. Play and win - all in your hands.