Predictions about the young president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

The young president of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, was a member of a narrow circle of people who had the happy opportunity to constantly visit their famous fortune teller. Here is what Kirsan Nikolayevich remembers:

“Baba Vanga’s house in Petrich stood among the mountains with healing hot springs. People, waiting for their turn at the reception, treated their sores in these natural sources. Flowers grew everywhere there. Many of them were in pots on the veranda where she received people. She used to walk around the place and talk to every flower. Yes, and she also knew how to talk to animals. A dog stands in front of her, looks at her faithfully and listens attentively.


Vanga preferred to eat outside. She liked to sip a glass of whiskey for dinner - 150 grams. She drank it to the very bottom, but she never exceeded her norm. By the way, a bottle of whiskey was her most favourite gift.

Therefore, I always brought her the best brands I could get.
Vanga’s working day began daily at eight in the morning regardless of anything, including even her well-being. Once, I asked her if she would like to rest and have a day off. “I can't,” said Vanga. “People came to see me from so faraway.” In the afternoon, she would have a nap for two to four hours, and then again she would receive visitors until late in the evening.
I communicated with Vanga in rather peculiar way. She did not speak Russian. But as soon as I opened my mouth to utter a question, she promptly answered. It was only her words that needed to be translated to me. I remember the reception of a rich Arab sheikh. The visitor spoke about his wife's illness, the interpreter translated the first phrase, and Vanga immediately spelt out the nature of the illness and what was the cause of it... There was no language barrier for her.
Vanga never came to Kalmykia. And she certainly did not read books on the history of Kalmyks. Then one day she said: “Your people have endured many trials, three resettlements, but the Kalmyks will see their heyday…” In 1994, Vanga was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Kalmykia for special services to the Republic. She was not mistaken in any of her predictions. For example, she accurately indicated the oil field in the Chernozemelsky oblast, which is not far from the Caspian Sea. Now we are going to build a large oil refinery there.
By the way, this is Vanga’s the only honorary title, although she has received many presidents of the former Soviet republics and other states. I remember that I brought her a special ribbon and a Kalmyk folk costume. She put it on, went to the mirror and said: "Now I can now go to the dance." And she started to dance in front of mirror.
I can tell about one more prediction of Baba Vanga. Once, she said to me: "I see two presidents and both are Kirsans." I was terribly surprised. Everything was clarified in November, when I was elected President of the International Chess Federation. Soon I arrived in Petrich, and she chuckles. "I told you so..." Once, it happened that I was unable to make a decision on in a very important issue. And suddenly I received a phone call from Vanga’s relative. "Vanga asked me to tell you to do this and go there."
Baba Vanga tried to never show her weaknesses. She never took money, and if she did, it was only the donations that she sent for the construction of the church of St. Petka. ”

An excerpt from the book "The Truth About Vanga" by Krasimira Stoyanova