Ilyumzhinov: Chinese investor will advance over $ 70 million to the construction of a sugar factory in the Rostov region

On April 25, in Beijing, President of the International Sugar Corporation (ISC) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Vice-President of the Chinese company Harkan Engineering Longhai Xu signed an agreement to build a plant in the village of Celina, which will become the largest in Russia. According to Ilyumzhinov, the construction of the plant will begin in September.

“The cost of the project is 16.2 billion roubles, or about $ 250 million, of which approximately 30% will be investments by the Chinese.

The construction will be conducted Harkan Engineering, which is engaged in the building of nuclear power plants and other complex industrial facilities in 24 countries. The plant will start operating in September 2021,” Ilyumzhinov explained.
According to him, the Rostov region was chosen because of large volumes of raw materials for the new enterprise in this region.
“Rostov farmers grow annually several million tons of sugar beet, while there are no processing enterprises in the region. As a result, beet is transported for over 500 km to the Krasnodar oblast. With the launch of the first Don Sugar Factory, the problem of selling and processing sugar beet for Rostov agricultural producers will be fully resolved. All necessary communications to the construction site have already been made, so there will be no technological delays,” he added.
According to project documentation, the plant will process 12 thousand tons of beets per day. Recall that an agreement on the construction of the plant was signed between the International Sugar Corporation and the government of the Rostov oblast at an investment forum in Sochi in 2012.