A trap for the queen or the audience?

A prime-time serial is on the Russia channel featuring a chess player, the fictional character Maria Lebedeva.  “A queen of chess, the world champion among women. Now she is ready to challenge men and fight with world-class grandmasters,” the serials’ authors said.

According to the chess-news website, the serial is certainly about chess, but there is little about the real life of chess players. It could be either bad or good depending on how you look at it. The show can be interesting to the fans of one of the most beautiful Russian actors Aglaia Shilovskaya, the protégé of Stanislav Govorukhin.
Here are some of the readers’ comments:


"Apparently, they decided to save money on a chess consultant." “Authors believe to know better what a chess player is. However, the positive image of a chess player will only benefit chess. The audience will be more interested in the excellent strategic game that brings variety and freshness to the life of chess players :) “We don’t have too many films about chess to criticize it. Everyone remembers only film ‘Gentlemen of fortune’ presenting chess in rather unattractive way)”.

It’s not for us to complain. Kirsan Nikolayevich asked us to watch the film and so we did. We generally like deep films. For example, the ones about doctors and hospitals. Or about the police. Years ago, they made films about physicists. But we cannot remember a single one about chess and chess players shown on local screens.
In principle, we expected to see a more detailed character of a chess player from the “Trap for the Queen”. After all, they are people (we still believe it) with a special turn of mind. Unfortunately, we were in for a slight disappointment because nothing ‘deep’ happened.
Chess, world championship and tournaments were just an entourage for a melodrama with a detective story. The second hero is a valiant police officer who applies his brilliant thinking trained in a children's chess club.
In general, this is not exactly the show after watching which people will run to buy their children chess and make them join chess clubs. The main character performed by Shilovskaya is a very nice young girl although she looks tired. It seems that she plays this role only because she is fed up with everything.
We have found the stepfather with his entrepreneurial spirit terribly annoying. Together with her mother, they constantly manipulate the heroine. No doubt, they love their daughter in their own way, but still they were against her living in a villa that she had bought by herself playing chess. Still you should watch the show "The Trap for the Queen". This is the first Russian TV series, where chess plays an important role.