Play chess to be wiped out

For your information, ‘Sled’ (Trace) series, is the longest- running Russian TV series. Definitely, there is no one in our office who has not watched at least one episode. Moreover, I am convinced that among our readers there many fans of TV series about everyday life of the Federal Expert Service (FES). But we never heard from them. They just watch it on Channel 5 in the evenings and keep silent.

A murder is being investigated in in each new episode. Episodes are not interconnected, and you can start watching any episode you like and the plot will not be lost. At the beginning of each new detective story, there is a kind of prologue showing viewers what has happened before, and how it is connected with the crime without revealing who the perpetrators are. In general, each episode is about a single investigation and it runs for 45 minutes. It is very convenient for viewers who can watch only one episode without having to wait for the next one to see another piece of the plot.


Why do I write about this series?  Because a chess player became the heroine of a new episode! The episode is called "Play chess to be wiped out." Incidentally, it is the 1737th episode. It is a sad story about chess player Camilla Rutova playing her best game at an international commercial tournament. She is one-step away from taking the first place. However, she was not meant to take this step...

As you can guess, the girl was killed. Of course, the killers were found. But that's not the point The fact is that chess is the main subject of the episode. After all, the dead heroine played not beach volleyball but chess.
As Kirsan Ilyumzhinov notes, it is important that there are a billion people playing chess in the world. Most likely, we wouldn’t have to wait too long. If chess is introduced into the curriculum of primary classes, if chess players become the heroes of popular detective TV series, it means that Ilyumzhinov's dream is destined to come true. Nobody could doubt that.