Ilyumzhinov promised to pay a lawyer for Kasparov

It is reported that the case of Garry Kasparov interested FBI. Under American law, Kasparov can be tucked away behind bars for up to 15 years. "I've always said Kasparov: your work is chess. But he had other thoughts on the matter. It is a pity that he became involved in politics. As a man, I'm certainly willing to help others, no matter what. If he will ask me for help, I'm willing to pay a lawyer to him," - said the president of FIDE.

The well-known politician and peacemaker commented on the statement of the mother of ex-champion, who has accused Ilyumzhinov in the planned action against her son. "As for Clara Shagenovna, we had last met in August 2014 in Norway, when the president of FIDE was elected. Outstanding and very pleasant woman who has educated a great man. I am very surprised by her statement ", - said the head of FIDE.