Sholban Kara-ool: There is a beautiful temple in Kalmykia built on the initiative of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

The head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool wrote in his blog about the past, present and future of Buddhism in Tuva. To this he was prompted by a ceremony of enthronization of the newly elected Kamba Lama of Tuva Lodoy Bashky. Sholban Kara-ool touched upon deep topics. 

“Today is a very important day in the history of Tuva and for believers - the election of the eighth Kamba Lama. Undoubtedly, this event will have a significant impact on the development of spiritual knowledge. I want to share the thoughts and worries that excite me not as a public official, but as a believer.

The National Museum stores the primary sources for studying the culture of our region. Unique exhibits of the Buddhist collection, including sculptures and religious objects are of particular value.

There were more than 130 temples in Tuva before. During the years of Soviet power, when the struggle against religion was waged, they were all destroyed. Lamas Bashky were also persecuted: some were repressed and some were shot.
It is necessary to draw lessons from the past, learn how to avoid mixing the spiritual life of the people with politics, otherwise, there always will be broken human destinies. The basic cores of any region or republic are government and religion. The triune foundations are people, state power and religion. Without religion, there is no national identity.
Now, with the help of my friends, colleagues and close friends of Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, we raised funds and started building a large church. Currently, two of my friends builders are working there. When we finish the construction, it will be a Buddhist temple complex.
There is a beautiful temple built on the initiative of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in Kalmykia. It gives strength and inspires the Kalmyk people. I think we will also be able to build such a temple, which will be a gift for the believers of our republic.
There will be temples and spiritual mentors who will listen to people’s cares, sorrows and joys. We are focusing on the construction of temples, since in the time of the Internet, there is a struggle for the minds and hearts of the younger generation. How can they learn to distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood? The most important people to guide them along the true path, based on traditions, customs and religion, are parents and close adults. The Government of the Republic of Tuva pays special attention to the issues of the spiritual life of the people. 86 thousand people of different nationalities live in our republic. First, I started the construction of an Orthodox Church; it is successfully operating now, which gives me great joy. My next step is the construction of a temple for the Tuvan people. Now is the peak of preparation for construction, we are collecting construction materials. The construction of the temple would not involve public funds. People invest their money, time and energy. As soon as we complete the construction, the temple will be the property of the Tuvan people.
When meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he told me his innermost thoughts. “The most important thing in our religion is the teaching of the Buddha, mutual understanding between the followers of different religions of the world, the responsibility of everyone for everyone, compassion and mercy.” We will be faithful followers of our spiritual leader, take care of the development of our republic and there will be something to pass on to our children, descendants. ”