“Vechernyaya Moskva”: "Thanks to Ilyumzhinov, Kalmyks love chess"

Kalmykia - the only region in Russia where chess is taught as a compulsory school subject. And not far from Elista (Kalmyk capital) there is a real chess city - City Chess, according to the portal "Vechernyaya Moskva".

Such a strong love to the most intelligent game on the planet can be attributed to an addiction to chess ex-head of the republic, the president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, journalists of edition believe.

Recall Chess City, where took place 33th World Chess Olympiad, was erected in 1998 Today, "Chess City" - is the administrative-territorial unit with a special status, which has its own controls. There is the Palace of Chess and Chess Museum. Since 1993, chess in Kalmyk schools are compulsary for the third lesson. Among the students already have several world champions.