Stoyan Petrov: Vanga has always loved Russia

The famous Bulgarian screenwriter and director of the film "Vanga as a Person and Phenomenon" Stoyan Petrov said that a state of emergency was introduced in his country until 13 May.

Petrov was a friend and translator of clairvoyant Vanga. As it turned out, 25 years ago, the predictor knew that the “crown (Corona in Bulgarian – Ed.) would crush the world”.
Stoyan Petrov said: “Vanga often said that there will be epidemics or pandemics caused by either new or old viruses. Previously, she also predicted the death of the Bulgarian king.
By the way, I attended the meeting of Vanga and then a very young businessman Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. I was a translator at this meeting. Ilyumzhinov then came to consult with whom he should work, and Vanga told him that he would be twice president.


She called him "double president." I heard it myself. I remember that he did not believe her then. But, as you know, Ilyumzhinov became both president of Kalmykia and FIDE president.

Vanga has always been of high opinion of Russia. We admire your country, because Russia helps the whole world during a pandemic.
And 25 years ago, she said: “The crown will crush the world”. Only now it became clear what she had in mind”.
Recall that film “Vanga as a Person and Phenomenon” premiered in Sofia on 19 June. Its authors are Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Stoyan Petrov.