Lera Bazykina: Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is one of those whom I admire

I am often asked whom do I admire apart from my parents? There are people who make you to follow them, listen, study and analyse their path and work. One of such people is Kirsan Nikolaevich Ilyumzhinov @kirsan_ilyumzhinov.

He is a man who always has his own point of view and who is able to unite millions of people around him. A month ago, he wrote a wise article, “In which world will we wake up tomorrow?” about the purification of nature from society and consequences of its activities. I have already posted my comment on this. But the main thing is that others have heard me, have joined and even intend to act together after quarantine ends.


After all, he is right that the planet is tired of us! We behave like parasites. We hate, get annoyed, spoil and destroy. Disrespect the old, do not respect and love those who are close to us. It is time to wake up and start thinking not only about ourselves, but also about the people around us. To think about how to preserve what is left and to learn, finally, how to use natural resources wisely.

Nobody calls to get on the pickets and turn into Greta Tunberg. You just need to start with yourself, with your family, your yard or park. Pay attention to loved ones, friends and neighbours. Remove garbage, plant a tree, feed birds and animals. Living in harmony with nature and people is not so difficult; it is more difficult to change your mind-set.
Protect and Love flash mob is still active. You can join in or just consider joining it. The quarantine will someday end, and we could finally hug each other. We could go to nature, feed ducks at a pond. However, absolutely, we will never be the same again!
Editor’s note: Lera (Valeria) Bazykina was born on 13 November 2006 in Moscow. Lera is a laureate of international competitions. She has an absolute colour hearing. She took part in the projects “Best of all!” and “Voice. Children 7 "with the songs" Grass by the House "and" Dancing Queen ". In a duet with Manizha Aminova, she set a record, gaining 2.5 million views on YouTube in 4 days and led the world TOP 10 of the most talented The Voice Kids.