News about prodigy chess player Misha Osipov from “The Very Best” TV show

Many remember the 3-year-old boy prodigy from “The Very Best” TV show. This boy played chess even at the age of three, and not just that but at the masters’ level.

When Misha was only two years old, he watched how dad and grandfather played chess with great interest. Father and grandfather noticed it and put the boy next to them, explaining him the rules of the game. That’s how he began to play. After a couple of months, dad and grandfather began to lose to Misha. No, they didn’t give in, he just beat them.


Misha Osipov became famous throughout the country when he was only three years old. On the air of the first channel, a little boy played a chess match with the world champion Anatoly Karpov. At the time, Misha lost after not agreeing to a draw and he became very worried. The hearts of millions of Russians were torn apart after seeing the tears of a small chess player.

When Misha was four years old, he played chess with Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh (at that time he was 95 years old) and won. He is currently a finalist of the Moscow Championship among children from nine to eleven years old and a two-time winner of the Alexandra Kosteniuk International Cup.
In January of this year, the boy turned seven years old, and he did not lose a single game to a chess player of his age! Chess remains the boy's main hobby.