Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on the history of New Russia

Our readers paid attention to the new video appeal of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov appeared on our website. It is dedicated to the Day of Russia and its recent history. How it was. How it all started 30 years ago. Well, and as usual, there are no indifferent viewers of this video. We present to your attention several responses to this video appeal.

“Great performance, as always. So much memory and attention to events and details. As always I admire him. It is very interesting . ”
“Good afternoon, Kirsan N. Indeed, history will eventually put everything in its place: Who is right and who is wrong! This was the beginning of the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of the troubles of many Soviet people who instantly became foreigners in Russia. We destroyed our country and began to build a new one without any foundation. Laws did not exist, fixed assets were looted at voucher auctions.


You, by nature, are a creator. You set an example by your deeds in your native Kalmykia. Honour and Glory to you, as the true son of the Kalmyk people, who set an example to all officials of this level. I was a supporter of the preservation of the USSR, however, with certain changes in the party’s monopoly. Thanks for the story".

“There are very few people like you in politics. You invested your hard-earned money in your native country. There is not a single governor, heads of federal services or a member of the government who is able to show such achievements. There is no one who could say that he did this too. Thanks".
“Yes, Kirsan, our brother, you took part in all the historical events of Russia. Unique biography, unique times, unique memory! May God grant you health and prosperity! ”
“I am always proud when my friends say that Ilyumzhinov is a pure and bright person...”