30th anniversary of the death of musician Viktor Tsoi

On August 15 1990, the leading singer of the Kino group Viktor Tsoi died in a car accident in Latvia. According to the official version, he fell asleep while driving and drove into the oncoming lane, where he collided with a bus. He was buried at the Theological cemetery in St. Petersburg.

30 years passed. But his songs are still popular today. A monument to Viktor Tsoi was erected in the St. Petersburg Park near the Prospect Veterans station.
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said about Viktor Tsoi: “It seems to me that he already explained the main thing about himself in an interview, when he said that a man lives not in a state but on the planet Earth. It makes one wonder on what planet Viktor Tsoi lives now. Like many, I think that Tsoi is still alive. Even if not in our dimension.


Of course, those who call Viktor Tsoi the voice of a generation are right, but which generation? The generation that remembers Tsoi's shows has already changed, but people still come to the Tsoi Wall on Arbat, where it is written: "Tsoi is alive!" And the main phenomenon is that he is still alive for them. 

No one can take away our dreams and aspirations to defend our freedom, and Tsoi will always be our beacon of light. And no one could erase the writings on the walls "Choi is alive!", because for many he is really alive and intangibly present in our lives.
Viktor Tsoi forever will be remembered as a young energetic guy, always looking forward into the future. His songs will always be with us."