Ilyumzhinov phenomenon. As per the memories of a team member

We present to your attention the letter that came to our editorial office.  Boris from Stavropol wrote to us about how the FIDE presidential elections were held. Here is a small fragment from the letter.

“… There was an episode that our family witnessed. It happened in Norway in 2014. In the polar town of Tromsø, a few days before the FIDE presidential elections, the atmosphere is nervous and tense. Delegations are huddled in small groups, whispers are heard in the corners.
Kasparov seems to be leading the race. All streets and bus stops are decorated with his gloomy dark posters. The American is guided by the "principles of Machiavelli": everything is justified for victory. One after another, “promotions” are held: Kasparov generously treats delegations in restaurants, clubs and on yachts, gives expensive gifts (Apple gadgets, laptops) to representatives of wavering countries.

He calls to vote for him and predicts a historic event, after which FIDE will take on a new life. More successful, more attractive to investors. He promises untold wealth.

Washington is working behind the scenes with the delegations. The Americans are conducting a demarche in the capitals of the FIDE member states: "in no case vote for Kirsan."
This happens against the backdrop of massive international sanctions on Russia. At the suggestion of the Americans, Western states are trying to isolate our country. Right on Election Day (is it an accident?) Norway announces its joining the anti-Russian sanctions front. The situation is difficult. Harry is everywhere. Kirsan is not visible. Everyone asked questions: where is he? According to preliminary polls, many are bought on the promises of the US representative.
My sister befriended the Jordanians living in her hotel: they wanted to vote for a Russian, but now they don't know what to do. Even the Kyrgyz in private conversations are beginning to talk about the fact that both FIDE and they need money in Kyrgyzstan.
August 11, 2014. Election Day, conference hall of the University of Tromsø. Kasparov makes a speech. The audience is excited and applauding to the fact that "tomorrow" everyone will become richer. Garry smiles broadly. It seems to him that he has already won.
And so our fellow countryman comes out to the podium and turns all the opponent's arguments in his favour! Do you want money? I provide twice as much! Do you want them tomorrow? No need to wait, get it today! Kirsan's speech clearly reveals all the superficiality, stupidity and cheapness of the electoral efforts of the Americans.
The audience explodes with applause. Someone cannot contain emotions and applauds while standing. Loyal supporters hug each other. The secret ballot shows the confident victory of our candidate. Garry disappears.
And the world is witnessing the "phenomenon of genius": Ilyumzhinov gets 110 votes, Kasparov receives 61 votes.