Igor Rotar: At what other time could I become an advisor to the president?

Igor Rotar is a Russian journalist-analyst, war reporter and columnist. He is an author of many books and articles. Igor Rotar worked as a war correspondent in all the wars of the former USSR. He was on business trips to many hot spots of the planet. Traveller. He also visited Kalmykia. We bring to the attention of our readers an abbreviated fragment from Rotar's book "Notes of a Wandering Reporter".

“I went to Kalmykia in 1995 for a reason. The fact is that while still in Moscow I read the following article in the Izvestia Kalmykia newspaper:
“The messiah has descended to the capital of Kalmykia, Elista. The rescuer appeared in the guise of a Chechen from Grozny Aizen. The barefoot, white-clad rider announced: “The third world war is approaching. European cities will lie in ruins. Moscow will cease to be the capital of Russia. St. Petersburg will drown in an unprecedented flood. But wars and cataclysms will not affect Canada, England, Australia, North Africa and some regions of Russia, including Kalmykia."
Before the flood, I decided to stake out a place for myself in a safe region and went to meet with the President of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.


As a correspondent for the Izvestia newspaper, the Kalmyk leader received me without delay, and our conversation with him immediately smoothly shifted to "space" topics.

“Once one such prophet comes to my office,” Ilyumzhinov explained to me, “he sits down opposite me and is silent for ten minutes. And then suddenly he utters: “Kirsan Nikolayevich! We met about three thousand years ago in Alpha Centauri!" “Yes,” I say, “I’m starting to remember!” Played along with him, of course! But in fact, who knows, maybe we have met once. After all, the human soul lives forever."
“You know, when I communicate with Russians from other regions, I create a kind extrasensory field around our republic, and this helps us a lot in all our endeavours!” Kirsan explained to me.
I must say that they were actively preparing for the onset of a new era in Kalmykia. They even developed the concept of ethnoplanetary thinking.
The concept ethnoplanetary consists of two words: “ethnos”- nation or people and "planetary" - the Earth.
I wrote about our conversation with the Kalmyk president in detail in my newspaper. A few days later, the phone rang in my Moscow flat:
- Igor, hello! This is Kirsan. Listen, you wrote such a great article about me. Thank you very much! I am currently in Moscow. Let's have a dinner together.
At the restaurant, the Kalmyk president offered me to be his advisor. Now many are scolding the 90s. I strongly disagree. Well, at what other time could I become an advisor to the president?"

Igor Rotar