Ilyumzhinov will teach America a democracy

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is going to open in the US fund to support the democracy. This politician told the newspaper "Izvestia". 
– I am ready not only to create a fund, but to lead it. At the time, such a fund George Soros opened in the Soviet Union – Ilyumzhinov recalled. – The Fund will support cultural and educational programs in the first place have to implement the program "Chess in Schools".

The money for the development of democracy in America, the head of FIDE intends to obtain from the US Treasury.

– I filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department, which has imposed sanctions on me. The lawyers are preparing a lawsuit for $ 50 billion in defense of honor and dignity, – he explained. According to Ilyumzhinov, $ 50 billion. – The amount is not random, and corresponds to the credibility of the organization that he leads.
– The FIDE comprises 186 countries – a year passes more than 100 thousand competitions. Under the auspices of FIDE played more than 600 million people. It – one of the largest and most influential sports organizations, – he said, adding that he intends to declare a Year of chess in the United States. – FIDE gives America a few major tournaments – in spite of the sanctions that the United States announced to me personally. And I told them – I'll give you a massive chess sport to young people for intellectually forming.
– The next year in the US, I plan to spend a few tens of events: tournaments, lectures and meetings. FIDE Chess Federation and the United States work together to create the organizing committee for their preparation – said Ilyumzhinov. – The organizing committee will include the president of the chess club in New York and vice president of FIDE Beatriz Marinello, the famous American grand master Lion Alburt chess player, International Arbiter from Chicago Eduard Dukhovny and others.
The plans for the development of the fund – the invitation to the performances of Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev, Lech Walesa, the Dalai Lama. Honorary party may become a Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. Ilyumzhinov himself too ready to give lectures and perform in front of an American audience. Part of the funds may go to support children's chess in African developing countries.
It is worth noting that sanctions against Kirsan Ilyumzhinov were introduced due to the fact that he met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
– I did not hide, and I do not hide that I often have been in Syria. Syria is the member of the UN, and she is a member of FIDE, so I have been there. I, as the head of FIDE, have the right to visit those countries that are part of our organization, and meet with their management and officials, MPs, businessmen, – Ilyumzhinov announced its position. – We conducted a children's tournament in Damascus and Aleppo. I gave one thousand Syrian children. Chessboards and 3 thousand. Books in Arabic.
The head of the party "Female Dialogue" Elena Semerikova welcomes the initiative of Ilyumzhinov.
– It is unacceptable that against the president of FIDE introduced sanctions by the US Treasury. Penalties – counterproductive measure, they discredit the actions of the US authorities – said Semerikova.
International expert Alexei Martynov believes that chess and politics are incompatible, and disrupt FIDE frivolous pretexts – at least not right.
– Sanctions against Ilyumzhinov's absurd. President of the World Chess Organization – a man of peace. Chess exist to unite people, not divide along political lines or borders. Imputes sanctions for what people faithfully fulfills its duty – to put it mildly, strange. We see not only the double and triple standards. However, there is hope that the absurd end sooner or later. In any case, the discovery of such a fund in the United States – not a bad idea – expressed the view Martynov.