The ‘Our Times’ newspaper recalls Ilyumzhinov’s army routine

The President of FIDE wrote recently: "I congratulate all men with the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland! ‘Who were not, he would be, and no one forgets 730 days in jack boots!" He served in the North Caucasus Military District in 1980-82.

Earlier, at the opening of the ‘Igor Bondarevsky Memorial’, Ilyumzhinov said that he was very pleased to visit Rostov-on-Don once again, which was the "home town" for him. He recalled how he defended the honour of the District in chess competitions precisely there in the training battalion of the communications regiment.

Ilyumzhinov during one of his interviews admitted: "I will never forget how I scrubbed the ‘Lenin corner’ (the place reserved for Lenin’s memorabilia, - Ed.). There were two ‘granddads’ (old-timers, - Ed.) playing chess at the table. They almost came to blows during the dispute whether there was the checkmate or not. I sorted everything out for them and won a couple of games blindly. I earned their respect and later spend time at the board instead of being sent for fatigue duty. That was great. I dread to remember the duties in kitchen... Greasy floors, dishes, which should be washed with the cold water; peeling potatoes for 2000 people. While friends sent me letters describing how they pass the exam sessions and went to disco with girls. I wanted to cry and the tears were falling down my cheeks. But I knew it was my choice, my way and it was essential to pass it through. Years in army, heavy belts, blood, bruises and a perpetual lack of sleep made ​​a man out of me...".
‘Who were not, he would be, and no one forgets 730 days in jack boots!’