The Head of FIDE: "I am ready to undergo a lie-detector test"

The FIDE President sent the US government the statement of willingness to undergo a lie detector test to prove that he was not connected with the citizens of Syria threatening the United States.

"Two weeks ago, I made the statement addressed to the US government that I was ready to pass a polygraph test. I am ready to answer all questions regarding this issue at the headquarters of the competent authorities", - said Ilyumzhinov during the press conference at the Interfax central office on March 3.

According to Ilyumzhinov, the US Treasury Department provided him with documents according to which he had been included into the US sanctions list.
"I realized that the claims, which they have made against me, were not serious. I have not met with the terrorists or the people who represent a threat to the United States, "- said the head of FIDE.