Evgeny Gik: "Ilyumzhinov was absolutely right when he threw his gold watch into the sea"

Almost all the stories about famous chess players and fans of the game are quite genuine. However, at the end of the schoolyear in May days, you can switch to a more cheerful topic - chess anecdotes and stories.

Ilyumzhinov sailed across the Black Sea to some exotic country that was going to fill the ranks of FIDE. The sea was rough and he decided to make sacrifice to the god of sea Neptune as a precautionary step. Grandmaster would have sacrificed his queen in his place but Kirsan Nikolaevich took off his watch and threw it into the abyss.

It turned out, as soon became clear, that he was totally right: the ship reached the shore safely and without incident. It is worth noting that the salvatory watch was not the ordinary one but made of gold with diamonds (it costs 100 thousand dollars).
“Did you regret to part with the watch that was not that cheap?” I asked the president.
“Life is more exclusive!” explained Ilyumzhinov.