FIDE President: "All military conflicts should be solved at the chess table"

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov offered to hold online chess match between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

"I will visit Azerbaijan to propose an initiative - "country vs country" where anyone can take part in the game by making a move via internet on May 24. This can assist the mutual trust among people. FIDE condemns armed conflicts. All issues should be resolved peacefully at the chess table", said Ilyumzhinov.

"After we declare the opening of the match, one of the teams will make the first move. Two minutes will be given to players to send SMS messages. For example, one million people would send E2-E4 move and two million people - D2-D4. Computer will choose the second option. Two minutes later, the second team will act in the same way. The more people knew how to play chess, the more likely it is that they make the correct move. That is how a nation’s IQ would be determined", - said the head of FIDE.
"When the ancient Greeks held the Olympics, they stopped all wars. I hope that players set an example to everyone how to live in peace and friendship during the World Chess Olympiad in September this year", he added.
Remember that the suggestion to play the multiplayers chess was already supported by the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. In addition, according to the head of FIDE, he proposed to hold the match to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and received the positive response two years ago.
Incidentally, Ilyumzhinov peacekeeping mission will not end after the match between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In the future, FIDE plans to hold match Ukraine vs Russia. Federation also intends to organize intercontinental World Cup: Africa will play against Asia and Europe against America at the same time.