Russian Pioneer: "Ilyumzhinov could make profitable film about chess"

As we have already reported, on June 26, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov delivered a speech at "Pioneer Readings" held by the Film Concern Glavkino within the frames of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival.

"Ilyumzhinov did not talk about his favorite films on stage, but decided to choose a different subject - chess. I must say that if he suddenly became a film director, he would certainly make a film about chess," wrote ‘Russian Pioneer’ magazine correspondent, Catherine Gorbik.

"It is exciting how Ilyumzhinov can talk about the parallels between chess and Buddhism. (He says, “During a chess game you can feel a kind of meditation in your head.”) And what a daunting task he is currently performing, (“I have set myself a goal – there must be a billion chess players in the world by 2020.") It certainly would be a profitable film,” summed up the correspondent.