The head of FIDE: "The death of Fidel Castro is a huge loss for the chess world"

On November 25, the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro died at age 91. "Fidel was very fond of chess. He was in love with it. Che Guevara loved chess, but Castro did not just play it but participated in tournaments," said Ilyumzhinov.

"In 2007, when he was already ill, Fidel still took part in the large-scale simultaneous game on a square in Havana. About 5 thousand tables were put there, and when the exhibitor offered Fidel a draw he refused. He played to the last move," recalls the President of FIDE.

"Outstanding people play outstanding game. Castro is a legend, a symbol. He invited our GMs to his residence a few times. His death is a huge loss for us and the entire chess world", summed up Ilyumzhinov.