The head of FIDE: "Trump will make significant strides to improve relations with Russia"

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said in an interview to TV channel "Dozhd" that the United States will soon lift up the sanctions imposed on him.

Moreover, he is convinced that the sanctions will be lifted up from all natural and legal persons of Russia. "Those actions are purely political. Donald Trump wants to put the US interests in favour of the needs of ordinary citizens, and the average American does not care where some countries and regions are located," said the President of FIDE, responding to a question about the reunited with the Russian Federation Crimea.

"In today's world, the sanctions policy is, firstly, an anachronism, and secondly, weakness. I think that Trump will make significant strides to improve relations between the US and Russia. It is obvious that he can’t do without the diplomats and military personnel of Russian Federation to both boost economic growth and combat terrorism. Here lies the first point of contact," stressed Ilyumzhinov.