Ilyumzhinov tells about what he had written to Trump

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov disclosed the contents of his letter to US President Donald Trump, in which he described the inclusion of himself in the sanctions list as a political act.

"I think this is an infringement of my rights. In particular, it is an infringement of the fundamental right to freedom of movement provided for by the UN Charter. On the one hand, I don’t care whether I am allowed to enter the U.S. or not. But on the other hand, 188 countries are members of FIDE, including the United States. So I, as President of FIDE, should be there," Ilyumzhinov said.

"I defend my dignity. I ask them to apologize to me and pay financial compensation," added head of FIDE.
Recall that in November 2015, the US Treasury included Ilyumzhinov into the list of sanctioned persons. Ilyumzhinov called it a provocation.