Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "Ramzan Kadyrov saved hundreds of women and children in the Middle East"

I was placed on the US Treasury’s sanctions list on November 25, 2015 without any evidence of guilt. It happened only because, due to the specifics of my work, I visit dozens of countries a year popularizing and promoting chess all over the world. I ended up under sanctions simply because I opened a chess school in Syria.
Ramzan Kadyrov is on the sanctions list for fighting terrorism. I will never believe that the US Treasury officials, who placed Ramzan Kadyrov on the "Magnitsky list", do not know that head of Chechnya unselfishly defends the right to life and that he has already saved hundreds of women and children -- victims of American policy in the Middle East. What could be more humane than working for peace and fighting terrorism?

Recently, I returned from Grozny and I can say that today’s Chechnya is an island of stability and peace in an uneasy Muslim world. Grozny is one of the most beautiful and developing cities in our country. Chechnya is the main obstacle on the way of terrorists to Russia.