Ilyumzhinov in the documentary film “MGIMO. In all languages ​​of the world”

As we already reported, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russia celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2019.

Documentary film “MGIMO. In all languages ​​of the world”, which was shown on Channel 1, tells you about the history of MGIMO, dispels the myths that surround it and takes away the veil of mystery of the institute. MGIMO for many years remains one of the most famous and prestigious institute not only in Russia but also in the whole wide world.


MGIMO is one of the oldest educational centres in Russia for the training of international specialists. Since 1946, students from foreign countries study there. Today, the institute trains the specialists in 18 areas. It has 16 research centres.

Many believe that it is impossible to enter MGIMO without bribery. The first president of Kalmykia, the sixth president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov would never agree with that. A native of Kalmykia, a guy from a simple Elista family, he became a student of one of the country's most prestigious and elite institutes right out of the army.
A fragment of the film on our website is dedicated to Kirsan Nikolaevich. Look, here is a story about Ilyumzhinov’s studies at MGIMO. Firsthand: how it was.