Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: It’s us who make good news

We are in isolation. Day after day. We read the news. Some are good and some are not so good. Here is an example of positive news: life has returned to the canals of Venice. The number of tourists has sharply decreased due to quarantine, the water has become cleaner, fish, dolphins and swans have returned to the canals. Although many write that there are no dolphins in Venice, migratory swans have really returned.

What else is new? The streets of Thailand’s resorts are attacked by hungry monkeys.


These animals depended on tourists, who share food with them, but the streets are empty now and there are no tourists; besides, the locals do not want to feed the monkeys. The “gangs” of hungry primates fight each other for food, and tomorrow they may attack people. Like in Spain, where starving pigeons began to attack passers-by in cities. There are fewer tourists, no one feeds birds, and they need food. Birds that have lost fear attack people. And these are also the consequences of the pandemic.
Nature restores its strength. But will we really become irreconcilable enemies to it? And will nature have to erase humanity to restore what has been lost? It’s scary to believe it.
Every day we see signs that the pandemic leaves new traces. Yes, a cruel lesson has been taught to humanity. Nature restores itself and it is a fact. But at what cost? There are millions infected people around the world and the death toll is close to a quarter of a million.
Scary numbers! Like a war raging around us. But, that’s exactly what it is: the war is on, and the front line passes through each of us. All of humanity and each of us are challenged. There is only one way out: one must love the world and love one another. It must be admitted, finally, that all living creatures on earth has the right to live. But this notion, unfortunately, is far from reality.
Because, first of all, you need to learn to love yourself, take care of yourself and help yoursef in difficult times. Only then can we save others and help the weaker. How to achieve that? While we have much free time, let's go in for sports, strengthen physical and spiritual forces, read more, play chess. And remember that the smart ones will rule the world tomorrow. Be one of them. Be among those on whom at least something in life depends. Do not be slaves. The time for good news will come. There is no doubt about it. And in many ways it depends on us.