Dalai Lama warns of environmental destruction affecting billions of people

The Dalai Lama has called on world leaders to take urgent action against climate change, warning of environmental destruction affecting the lives of billions of people and destroying our planet, including his home country of Tibet.

As a call to action, he released a new book in which he stated that if the Buddha returns to this world, "Buddha will be green."
In interviews with Channel 4 News and The Guardian, the Buddhist spiritual leader spoke from the Indian city of Dharamsala, where he lived for about 60 years. He warned that "global warming could reach such a level that rivers will dry up" and that "eventually Tibet will become another Afghanistan", with dire consequences for at least a billion people who depend on water from the "rooftop of the world".


Back in 2011, The Dalai Lama announced that he had retired from politics and that the environment was now “extremely important” to him. His Holiness is optimistic for world leaders and wants them to act in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

“The United Nations needs to play a more active role in it,” he says. “Large countries should pay more attention to ecology. I hope that the day will come when you see how those peoples who had spent a lot of money on weapons or war will devote their resources to preserving the climate.” The Dalai Lama says that if he joined a political party now, he “would like to join the Green Party. Their ideas is very positive."
The Dalai Lama said he is in favour of large-scale tree planting to help fight climate change. He also believes that meat consumption worldwide should plummet. His Holiness believes that his greatest personal contribution to the fight against climate change is education and promotion of the concept of compassion.
The Dalai Lama is the most passionate about his idea of ​​unity among seven billion people. “All these problems happen because different religions and different peoples are fighting with each other. We need unity. "