The Dalai Lama speaks about the important role of Russia

His Holiness noted that many outstanding Buddhist teachers come from Russia. The role of Russia in the future world is very important. Interest in the teachings of the Buddha is reviving in Russia’s traditionally Buddhist regions. This was stated by the 14th Dalai Lama at an online exercise for the Russians.

- Geographically, Russia is very important. This part of the world is very important. Traditionally, several Russian republics and regions are Buddhist - their population practices Buddhism. Many outstanding Buddhist teachers come from these republics, - he told RIA Novosti.
Currently, according to him, in the Russian Buddhist regions there is "a new interest in the teachings of the Buddha."
“The most important thing now is education: it is necessary to study Buddhism,” the Dalai Lama urged.
He added that in many regions of Russia, Buddhism is "part of the traditional religious culture of the ancestors."
“It is very important that you preserve the cultural wealth of your ancestors,” the Dalai Lama addressed the Russians.
According to him, Buddhist logic, philosophy and academic knowledge make it possible to deeper cognize noble truths and get rid of ignorance and egoism. Buddhist practices also develop love and compassion. All this allows people to eliminate sadness, anger and reduce suffering. And modern Western science such as quantum physics, reveals more and more parallels with Buddhist teachings.

The spiritual leader also recalled that the Sanskrit tradition of Buddhism presupposes concern "for the welfare of all living beings in billions of universes", "for those living beings that fill this world, the Earth."

“Seven billion people live on the Earth, whose happiness, health and well-being are directly related to the environment... We must understand that we are all one humanity, and we all need a clean environment,” concluded the Dalai Lama.