Ilyumzhinov is ranked among top ten of the Russian politicians

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov took third place in the rating of Russian politicians in the end of June, according to zampolit.com website.

According to the newspaper readers’ opinion, this is because last month the FIDE President has not only proposed to the State Duma deputies to play a chess match with members of the US Congress, but he has started a "great game". The sum of $50 billion is mentioned in his lawsuit against the US Treasury.

Let us also recall that, in addition to money, Ilyumzhinov demands the apology in the court because the US Treasury has included him in its sanctions list "for materially assisting and acting for and on behalf of the Government and Central Bank of Syria".
Incidentally, according to the head of FIDE, the money received, as an outcome of the lawsuit, "he is ready to invest in the development of chess in order to revive the spirit of Bobby Fischer in America".